Friday, December 31, 2010

Visualizing great experiences

Combining data visualization and customer experience into one post makes this my fave 'review' post of the season.

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Information graphics have become a popular communication medium for a wide variety topics. While many of the most popular infographics focus on technological and social trends, there were several customer-centric illustrations this year that evoked important discussions and furthered the customer experience movement.

This post gathers seven of the most popular (and by popular, I mean most discussed) customer infographics from the past year. While the data and assumptions are questionable in some, there’s no doubt they all contributed to the customer service and experience landscape of 2010.

1. Customer Service Best Practices

Customer Service Infographic

2. Online Retailers’ $44 Billion Customer Experience Problem

Customer Experience Infographic

3. What Is Good Customer Service?

Customer Service Infographic

4. The Value of an Existing Customer

Value of Existing Customer Infographic

5. Customer Service Statistics

CRM Stats Infographic

6. Fastest Ways to Lose Customers

Customer Attrition Infographic

7. The Evolution of Social CRM

Social CRM Infographic
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