Thursday, December 16, 2010

Engaging communities using data visualization

One of our new enterprise partners, Sapient Nitro, does a lot of interesting work in this area. The Now Network project that they did for Sprint was an interesting example of how to bring different data sources into a single interface. Increasingly I am seeing visualization as a B2C mechanism that is both engaging and interesting that provides a mental advantage through a potentially trusted point of interaction. As enterprise technologists I truly hope we do not abuse this potential point of interaction but more importantly I look forward to applications that use this data and the learning within it as a starting point for new experiences that are inspired by what we learn from the information we consume and share.

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Etsy Visualization:  All Etsy Members with Avatars August 2005Data visualization is a medium for understanding information that had previously been the domain of scientists and researchers.

Today, due to the amount of data available, there is an increasing need to find new ways of understanding what information means that is available through social networks and throughout the Web.

Engaging Online Communities is a report we published this week that explores ways to engage with customers. It looks at the tools available to engage, collect and analyze information.

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