Friday, December 31, 2010

New year's resolutions: use practical wisdom and be a craftsman.

I found the following TED talk from Barry Schwartz at the headquarters to be consistent with the themes I have been toying with: connecting group psychology, sociology and economic theory together in such a way as to ultimately surface "doing the right thing". This is fundamental to the bets I am making on 2011 and while it would be easy to regard this mission as hopeless, I am committing to both feeling and being allowed to be virtuous and to helping others find their way to this same place in their work, love, play, design and craft.

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In an intimate talk, Barry Schwartz dives into the question "How do we do the right thing?" With help from collaborator Kenneth Sharpe, he shares stories that illustrate the difference between following the rules and truly choosing wisely.

Barry Schwartz studies the link between economics and psychology, offering startling insights into modern life. Lately, working with Ken Sharpe, he's studying wisdom. Full bio and more links


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