Friday, May 14, 2010


Gem from Jay Rogers on the IXDA forums today:

*Mockupitis*  Pronunciation: \ˈmäk-ˌəp-ˈī-təs\
Function: noun

*1 :* The tendency of a UI mockup to make assumptions about design 
constraints based on poorly-chosen sample data used in the static wireframe, 
photoshop comp, or interactive prototype. Short labels that fit neatly into 
the space provided for them, evenly-dispersed text, small numbers of columns, 
orderly and strangely regular tabular data, convenient numbers of items in 
lists that happen to fit just precisely into the page, the list goes on. This 
tends to reduce the design to a limited visual exercise instead of exercising 
its ability to handle more realistic formations of user data.

ed. note: See also: "UX is not design, but parts of it look a lot like design"

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