Sunday, May 16, 2010

IT now ET (Enterprise Technology)

Insteresting POV emerging as indicated in this Computerworld article.

This latest shifts in technology are disruptive enough that the ability to interconnect heterogenous devices and systems -- is far less strategic, just as the ability to write gigantic software packages became less important during the shift from MIS to IT.

Now the emphasis is shifting once again to technologies that extend and integrate with the physical world. Some characteristics of these enterprise technologies:

  • They involve some element of integration with the physical world. Examples: sensor networks, display technologies, smart grids, wireless monitoring devices. 
  • They are real-time. 
  • They involve large to very large amounts of data 
  • They can often be used to control -- not just monitor -- the physical environment
  • They are intrinsic to an organization's business. 

This will present new challlenges for IT leaders as the embrace the transition's gatekeepers - strategic ET and legacy (commoditizing) IT.  These are the challenges I like.

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