Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2016: The Year of Emotion (our CX mission)

We are at the beginning of another year full of boundless opportunity to continue to advocate for and improve customer experience. To kick off the new year, Bruce Temkin has published has annual listing of CX trends and I love that has posited that 2016 is (or will be) "The Year of Emotion."  Sounds great!
In his post for this, Bruce says, "Historically, emotion has been an underserved area-as you can see in our new infographic, Customer Experience Needs More Emotion. However, this year we expect companies to start explicitly considering emotions as part of their customer experience efforts."

He has also produced an awesome infographic to help us visually-centric media consumers get emotional with this information more easily.  Imagine a year where customer experience professionals end up in tears of joy for having transformed their brands and companies into the most amazing, sensitive, touchy-feely friends we need in times of duress (let's face it, we usually call or talk to customer experience with problems, right?).


 To back this up, he also suggests you dig into three other new pieces of research:
Overall, this is one of my fave analysis shares ever from Bruce, and I hope we can live up to his expectations for all of this year.  ;-)  Pass the Kleenex.