Monday, April 23, 2007

At my website, I Robot - I Robot Replay

Recently at the Web2Expo, Nitobi Inc. launched an open beta for RobotReplay (,a new online service that records and plays back visitor sessions for any website, corporate site or blog.

The recorded sessions show how visitors interact with a website -- every mouse movement, keystroke,where users click, how far down the page they scroll and how long they stay on a site. The results can dramatically impact how website owners organize their site content in an attempt to improve usability and keep visitors engaged.

As co-founder Andre Charland says, "It's hard to be effective if you have to guess at how visitors are using your site."

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to get users behind a glass wall, eating your donuts and trying to say the right things to get called back to the next "pay me to surf" night out, you can get them in their "natural environment", as though you"re looking over their shoulder. More importantly you can stay in your natural environment and make improvements to your site in real time...please. Please make improvements to your sites.

I have been following the discussion threads with the other users, and it is pretty impressive to see how quickly valuable this tool is - although I should probably warn you that this might be the most addictive thing a "webmaster" ever takes for user pains.

Check it - - props to Andre and gang for such a cool tool.

Life in Carp

I have started a new blog - Life in Carp - at - in order to get to what I am rapidly becoming more and more interested in - life.

I have not blogged here for some time, but I imagine that something in the technology space will get my interest soon.

I hope so.

Tech is boring.


Life is good.