Thursday, December 31, 2015

That's a rap...2015

Lots of change and transformation
No shortage of strange or bad information
Hard to land on our feet every time
Easier to say if the words just rhyme...

I am reasonably surprised to be in as great spirits, with so much optimism and a sincerely big smile on my face and a warm heart here for the last few hours of 2015.  I am glad this year is over actually.

And I am going to kick 2016's ass to the curb to make up for the compromises and forgiveness it takes me to get here still dancing. 

The good news is that in all that has transpired over the past twelve months I squirreled away enough hours in the studio to get some great work to an almost done state.

The even better news is that I finally have my life the way it always should have been.  I learned that the light at the end of the tunnel is behind you, that what you need you always had, and that where you are going you have already been or at least seen.  I forgot some important things and accepted some pretty unacceptable things that got me on the wrong track, but I am back on the high road again and I am ready to kick ass.

I wish everyone all the best and I hope that we all get what we deserve in 2016.  I love all my friends, all my family as it is now, and most of all I love my new old life and all the promise it holds for me and everyone around me in the coming years.   Loving ourselves gives us the right to love others, and as such I can now love you all again.

I love what you do.

I love who you all have become.

I love what we all do.

I love when we do it together.

I love what I am about to do.

I love who I am going to do it with.

Let's do this.

Happy New Year.