Saturday, October 31, 2015

Boomers vs. Millenials. Uh huh. Good one, GenX!!! BTW, that was a bit of a dick move there.

Every GenX occupant knows the best defence is a good offence - that is 100% GenX right there.

This is why I find it interesting that so many GenX denizens are out there on the misinformation campaign trail regarding the lockup between Boomers and Millenials. I present here this sarcastic, mostly fictitious, but amusing enough to get us to share it, if not only because we (millennial and boomers) are feeling over sensitive on this issue thanks to the smear campaign.

Technically the defence will rest that any actual generational rub is directly between both GenX and Boomers - sheesh remember that?!?!?! - and GenX and Millenials, their immediate peers who are actually them down while they grab the glory up in Boomer town and take their larger share of the profits (as they always have since achieving degrees status) out of both ends of this equation.

Click the vertical comic strip here on your left (should be there and should be fine as long as GenX has been approving millennial to adopt the latest and greatest web standards)

By the way, one of the easiest ways to detect a GenX writer or pontificator is their blatant use of terms like crush, hustle, vs., etc...many GenX I know use these terms very sincerely thus affording the rest of them a grace period about as long as their entire effective career.  It's our own fault - we fell for it - they left us a massive clue what they were up to and we missed it.  i think they call it gamification or something like that - apparently you love it.  It's basically ramification without one spelled with a G.

Oh sure we have some way frickin overpaid Boomers, there's prolly about 100 or so even. Sounds like we are being over run here, right?  Nope, the Boomers lost their savings when they invested in GenX back in 2000 - a fracking huge pile of it. Here in Vancouver I see more boomers any day on East Hastings than there are billionaire boomers in the entire world.

Oh, and don't forget this, GenX is out there busting and jailing your millenial tattletales apparently on behalf of the boomers who didn't even know they had secrets on the internet.  If only we could get our hands on the ACTUAL age data in that Ashley Madison breach, I bet we could make an interesting point.  That also reminds me that GenX did reserve one special spot for Boomers in their hearts and pants - this is the generation that brought you terms like MILF and GrannyFucking - now aren't they a special bunch.  I have yet to meet a millennial GrannyFucker and I am glad we got that out of our collective dialogue and that it never made it my hallowed Playboy pages.  It was probably close during a management shuffle in the 90s where some upstart was railing on good old Hugh in is bathrobe about taking on Larry Flynt.

There, I said it, you can kill me now, this tail end boomer just hung himself out to dry on the fucking internet, blah blah your best you tricking riot-inciting bunch of thieves and cheaters and liars. Kk, sorry honey, no not you...well, actually, hold on...we never got to guilt manipulation another of GenX's wonderful psychological gifts for the blind and suddenly overly mistrusting boomers.  This is now also referred to as emotional manipulation (of the most dirty sneaky kind you can imagine), covert aggression, and other clever terms - but I will always think of it as a wolf in sheep's clothing because I grew up on Aesop.  By the way millennial, good on you guys for always checking the tags when you pop them.  I love you guys. You are the hope I wanted to have.