Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wow! That's a cool search result...

I searched for U2 on Yahoo! today and something very cool happened. I got back the above result - not just a direct match but a very thorough set of of options for me to continue on from. I think this is significantly game-changing...and here's why:

- from an SEO perspective, I need to ensure I have content in the various channels that this technology can retrieve from.
- from a local information, maps perspective etc (try searching for a San Francisco dry cleaner) you would have to verify that your data is in all those locations
- from a media perspective, I want to have all forms of media available for my brand, I want to think about how major brands play together with my brand, and how I can get to the new "top" of the page

I've been playing around with it, trying searches in travel, sports, movies, etc...very cool. Congrats to the Y! search team for making me rethink search as a viable media format!