Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Who is responsible for collaboration?

Everyone should be responsible for effective collaboration and proper use of social media in the enterprise but the policy and corporate commitment has to come from somewhere. Increasingly it seems to be less about share of voice and more about share of mind or share of wallet, and this has an impact on where we see leadership thriving.

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For many businesses, having a leader responsible for that oh-so-critical business activity: teamwork, seems like a smart one given the low levels of cross-functional teamwork that actually takes place in many organizations. In the end, good collaboration needs conscious effort and encouragement.

Where can Enterprise 2.0 Leadership Be Found? CIO, COO, CFO or HR, Corporate Communications, Strategy or Project Leads and Change Champions?

In reality however, lack of broader interdepartmental cooperation and teamwork is felt to be endemic to many workplaces. As I’ve covered in the past about the challenges of implementing Enterprise 2.0 and fostering collaboration in organizations that don’t do it naturally, there are often many reasons why collaboration is hard to do or not happening enough.

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