Friday, November 12, 2010

Manage development in the cloud - Floruit labs.

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Floruit Labs These days you can do pretty much everything in the cloud - why not manage your entire development process there too? Many are already using GitHub or hosted SVN solutions, so the concept isn't radical. Cloud hosting can ease collaboration outside the firewall - whether that's with remote team members or business partners or clients. Floruit aims to give developers and managers a unified view of projects by uniting offering a single Amazon AWS hosted SaaS suite that includes bug tracking, change management, knowledge management, etc.

The tool is built almost entirely on Adobe, using Flex and ColdFusion for the backend and Flash and AIR for the front end. Floruit also has a beta connector for LiveCycle. So for Adobe-centric develops, this suite could make a lot of sense. Adobe-haters might want to run away quickly.
VP Technology Strategy Gwen Pope says most companies that adopt solutions like find that developers end up abandoning it and using their own tools and managing things in an ad-hoc fashion. That's an opportunity for Floruit. The biggest competition Floruit will face will likely be from hosts of Atlassian products like JIRA and Confluence.

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