Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Impure: A data visualization programming language for non-programmers (still in Alpha)

Love the term Visualizators to describe the 'component' that recieves external data sources, visualizes them, and returns emitters that can in turn be used as input to another module.

This looks very promising and Bestiario certainly is already one of the leaders in this space. Waiting for alpha approval at which point I will return actionable insight from the experience consumed.

Amplify’d from infosthetics.com


Impure [impure.com] is a new visual programming language aimed to gather, process and visualize information. Developed by Bestiario, a Spanish information design start-up, Impure aims to bridge the link between 'non-programmers' and data visualization by linking information to programmatic operators, controls and visualization methods through a new visual and modular interface.

Impure allows the acquisition of information from different sources, ranging from user-specific data to popular online feeds, such as from social media, real-time financial information, news or search queries. This data can then be combined in meaningful ways using built-in interactive visualizations for exploration and analysis.

Based on an event-based development structure, the software consists of 5 different modules.

1. Data Structures, which hold data coming from a data source (e.g., Number, String, List, etc.).

2. Operators, which have 1 or more receptors that enable the system to perform a specific operation (e.g., addition or subtraction).

3. Controls, which act as dynamic filters (e.g., interval selectors).

4. Visualizators, which receive data structures from operators or controls and visualize it. They usually return emitters on selected visual objects that can be used as input into another module.

5. APIs that allow real-time communication with various data sources such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Delicious, Ebay, etc.

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