Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Customer experience momentum...blog post from @dawnamaclean

I had the opportunity to present alongside Forrester's Megan Burns ( @mbcxp ), Adobe's Sydney Sloan ( @sydsloan ) and Further Ahead leader Derek Featherstone ( @feather ) at this event. Often self-critical when in presentation mode, I am overtly aware of incongruous messaging and differences in the approaches that speakers will take.

In this case though, I tend to agree with Dawna's assessment that the day had a good flow and the audience stayed engaged even when we (I, really ;-) went over the allotted time. I was more concerned initially about overlap in the sessions but in the end the overlaps provided handshakes which is always ideal, even if you didn't really plan it out that way.

Thanks for a great post/review, Dawna.

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Eyes are opening.  The signs are everywhere, appreciation and awareness of the relevance of customer experience continues to gain momentum.  Last week I had the privilege of attending an Adobe Customer Experience Seminar in Toronto.  It was a diverse audience from differing industries.  While few attendees had extensive previous exposure to this topic, they all came eager to learn.  The day began with Megan Burns, Principal Analyst of Forrester, talking about The State of Customer Experience.  If that sounds familiar, I blogged about her presentation back in September when she spoke at the Adobe Partner Partner Community Day in NYC.  I recommend taking the time to watch it now if you have not already seen it.  I was excited to see that Megan had added emphasis on the the importance of employee experience, in fact this was strongly echoed in the following two presentations.  Customer experience and employee experience are tightly coupled, a sustained positive customer experience requires a positive employee experience so I am pleased to see this start to take center stage in customer experience discussions.

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