Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fuel cells bloom on Adobe rooftop

Our sustainability efforts continue to hit solid milestones. Thinking about pulling together a SWAT team/advisory board to look at UX best practices for sustainability dashboards - any interest in chatting about this?

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Rooftop gardens are becoming common in many cities, but what Adobe has planted atop its San Jose headquarters is a little different: 12 fuel cell servers known as Bloom Boxes. The tech company said it will harvest enough clean energy from the installation to meet half the site’s electricity needs.

Adobe said the boxes went in on the fifth floor of its west tower in downtown San Jose. According to a press release, each of the dozen 100-kilowatt servers is the size of an average parking space and “contains thousands of fuel cells – flat, solid ceramic squares made from a sand-like powder – which will convert air and biogas into electricity via a clean electrochemical process, producing zero net carbon emissions.”

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