Friday, September 03, 2010

UX Community Day, NYC

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Adobe’s first UX Community Day targeted at our enterprise partners in NYC. The day proved to be a hit with the attendees, and even though I felt like we pushed the boundaries of traditional enterprise comfort zones around UX, we still inspired several great discussions and QA periods, and the hallway/side conversations were both inspired and engaging.

We are turning a page with our enterprise business, and that page turn is metaphorical in that our traditional document-centric approach to enterprise solutions is turning into better experiences, more engaging applications and a specific focus on building from the outside in, from the user goals and desires back into the systems we sit on top of and integrate to.

One could, and many do, argue that forms themselves are a customer-facing experience, and that maintaining the fidelity of the form and document is an instrumental part of making great experiences.  This is true, but being able to position documents and forms in a broader context that embraces all the elements of a user’s path through onboarding, configuration, service requests and ultimately being able to interact with their communications is fundamental to how and why this is changing in the enterprise.  We too cannot solve the problems we solve in silos any longer, its not enough to integrate – we need to motivate, inspire and captivate.  This is the journey we, and our enterprise customers are on.

I found many of the presentations, and the panel I hosted, to be very inspiring and I think what I love most about our partners at Adobe is their frank honesty, deep experience and ability to work with us on this journey.  My intent is to specifically dig more into the topics that were discussed, such as how social media is changing the enterprise, how UX unlocks the ROI in our systems today, how we can rethink our organizations, skillset and approach in order to maximize our work in this area and more – but for now you can take a look at the sessions yourself (below) and see if you agree that this page has been turned and there is no turning it back.

Original Schedule with links to presentations and slides (as available)
The State of Customer Experience
Megan Burns, Forrester
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Crafting the climate for UX innovation
Jonathan Anderson, UX Magazine
Play Slides
Adobe Flash Platform roadmap for UX
Christophe Coenraets , Adobe Systems
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The Art of Storytelling
Christian Saylor, Universal Mind
Intuitive, contextual composition with LiveCycle Mosaic
Joe Sanfilippo, Adobe Systems
The ROI of User Experience
Anthony Franco, President, Effective UI
3D Methodology and Experience Oriented Architecture: Bringing Technologists and Designers together
Steven Webster, Adobe Systems
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Case Study: UX in workflows
Helmut Nachbauer, ecomplexx
Coming soon
Panel discussion: Best Practices UX for a Social Enterprise
Ben Watson, Adobe System
CMO Challenges Today: How to Electrify Customer Interactions
Kevin Cochrane, Day Software
Introduction to Acquity Group and Adobe’s Latest Acquisition – Day
Andy Peebler, Acquity Group

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