Monday, September 20, 2010

Interactive video, HTML5, Breakouts, Augmented Reality and Optimization will drive video advertising's future.

Bit of a blast from my recent past, having a foiled launch of what could have been a great video advertising platform well behind me now, I was redeemed by interactive video being the first of 5 trends driving web video from an advertising and marketing standpoint.

Enhanced analytics and targeting were key themes of my work in 2008/2009 for video as well but having a great idea and a vision is never enough.

Hats off to Innovid for keeping the gas to mat on this one.

Read the full article here:
Future Web Video MarketingAs online video sites are growing in popularity, web video marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity for brands looking to get their name and message out there.  But web video marketing isn’t what it used to be—simple video commercial spots, sidebar ads and pop-ups are being replaced with more technologically advanced breakout ads, interactive video campaigns and more, and analytics and ad targeting are becoming more comprehensive as well.  Read on to find out about five upcoming trends that you can expect to see from web video marketing and that you should become familiar with if you want to maximize your brand’s web video marketing success in the future.

Interactive Video Will Become The Standard For Advertising

HTML5 Campaigns Will Offer More Creativity Than Ever

Brands Will Break Out Of The Box With YouTube Breakout Campaigns

Augmented Reality & 3D Will Let Consumers Explore Products From Home

Enhanced Analytics & Targeting Will Increase Effectiveness of Video Marketing


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