Friday, September 10, 2010

iPhone and iPad added to target clients for LiveCycle ES as Apple lifts restrictions on building apps with CS5!

While I was on a plane back from the UK yesterday, Apple announced some significant changes to its licensing terms, a change that has immediately gotten a large amount of press coverage and a ton of positive momentum already with our community of partners and customers at Adobe.

I am encouraged to see Apple lifting its restriction on the tools, giving developers the freedom to choose what tools they use to develop applications for Apple devices.

This means that Adobe’s Packager for iPhone, a feature in Flash Pro CS5, can now be used to create and distribute applications for iOS devices. Apple’s restrictions on Flash content running in the browser on iOS devices remains in place.

We have been working on several instances where our application end points had to be completely rebuilt in order to talk to the Adobe LiveCycle services on the back end and this will make those jobs a lot more productive and allow us to leverage assets in a much more reusable fashion.  That is good news for our customers - architects and developers and UX professionals - who love what we give them on the back end and the 'outside the browser' story for their applications, but still want to target iOS as well.

This officially adds iPhone and iPad to the list of targeted clients for LiveCycle ES.  We already have a LiveCycle Mobile ES client that can initiate and manage form-based and document workflows but this expands the target use cases to include Enterprise RIA and custom clients that will work with the RIA server products in the LiveCycle ES platform.  More to come on this...
Of course we are already way down the road with Android and it's too late for me personally - I love my Android - but I know what we need to do to help enterprise customers and this makes all our lives a little easier and gives us the full range of mobile devices to target when we deploy controlled applications.

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