Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The reality of cross-platform mobile development despite the hype...

Interesting and objective report by several Ovum analysts on “Mobile App Development in the iPhone Age” (PDF):

Includes some interesting statistics:  

·        Over 70% of developers are leveraging, or plan to leverage, at least five cross-platform environments (including Java ME, mobile browsers, full web browsers, Qualcomm’s BREW, and Adobe’s Flash

·        With the potential scale advantages of adopting cross-platform technologies already apparent, not to mention the longer-term benefits for multi-screen application development and deployment (including TVs and other connected devices), we expect to see a considerable shift in developer efforts towards newer cross-platform environments next time we conduct the survey.  We expect these will include both Adobe Flash (which will have achieved technical parity across PCs and other devices by the end of this year) and Microsoft’s Silverlight, with interest in both already running high, at 75% and 54% respectively.)

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