Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No users. No experts. Just plain old peeps.

One thing that is clear today (literally, today) is that the crowd is actively outpacing the journalists, technorati and experts with a constantly corrective, scathing, responsible approach to fixing the flaws in the FUD.

Several articles I have read today on TechCrunch, Chris Brogan's site and others had way more depth, interest and diversity of thought and input in the comments than in the actual articles.

Someone killed the "wooots" and "love it" and "idiot" commentors I guess, or moderated their one through three word binary wastefulness into the dust. And in its place grew a learning tree, a sharing place and the collective wisdom of the masses.

We are not users.

We are not experts.

We have spoken.

We are right.

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Chris Brogan said...

Here Comes Everybody, said Shirky. :)