Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Twebinar - all those who fit hail the Twebinar

I learned something very valuable today. Wait. No I didn't.

I didn't really learn it as much as it kind of came to me while watching the Twebinar, that long awaited brainchild of Radian6 (who I think completely rocks) and Chris Brogan (who I think hosted it, even though it said JJ something or other under the guy in the top left...)

The premise is simple.

Use Acrobat Connect to broadcast a bunch of pre-canned videos and don't bother using the chat window built into the app, instead opting for a much more public chat to take place about the content streaming on by in the whale-plagued Twitter, which was actually holding up to the perfect storm of 500 mavens posting to 500 mavens about what 500 mavens should well know by now.

It was indeed an awesome primer for social media newbies, but I wasnt aware of any of them in attendance. It did indeed give clear examples of how really huge companies were doing things in small ways some of the time. And, low (real low) and behold (if you were in the first 500 viewers) almost all of the mavens put in a reel for us to be in awe of.

What did I learn?

1. Echo chamber, echo chamber, echo chamber, echo chamber....

2. There are clearly both an "I" and a "ME" in social media, in that order.

Okay it wasnt that bad, but @melle got a lot of followers out of being grumpy, so I thought I would jump on that bandwagon. What? Ever!

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