Sunday, July 27, 2008

Overlay.TV Beta 0.9 (I flog on my blog ;-)

As many of you already know, I left Yahoo! in California a couple months ago to join a Canadian startup called Overlay.TV. Well, I am happy to say today that we have completed a major milestone on our road to launching - Overlay.TV 0.9 Beta.

This is officially the last phase of our beta, and the good news is that many of the widgets, payment system and more are now fully functional in this beta version. Check it out at Overlay.TV or to stay on top of future updates, follow the Overlay.TV blog at

One interesting way to get a handle on how people are using Overlays is to browse through the Overlays with the Most Referrals - these Overlays have ultimately produced the most traffic for their creators.

While you are deciding whether or not to do that ;-) I have embedded a recent Overlay below that gives a basic example of how you can add text, links and products to an Overlay. Here the sock puppets have been given an interactive upgrade so you can order the socks, the toy guitar or the CD that provided the original inspiration.

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