Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shiny customer experience from Aus. bank

Kind of like the Genius bar of banks, this bank has stepped up the digital experience in person. Great way to get customers across the chasm in a way that is comfortable and appropriately engaging. The obvious investment in branch design definitely ups the game in terms of overall customer experience and its implications for bank branding.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia opened a high tech bank in Brisbane that combines iPads, iMacs, Asus Touchscreens, a coffee bar, and traditional bank services in a well thought out and carefully designed user experience. Patrons have the option of using multichannel technology to complete banking activities in the most efficient means possible.

As soon as customers walk in the bank, they see a row of iMacs waiting to be used for banking services. A concierge greets them, and helps them figure out the fastest way to achieve their banking goals, i.e. using one of the iMacs, iPads, and Windows Touchscreens, or speaking with a bank associate. They can complete many typical banking activities, such as open accounts, check balances, transfer funds and pay bills online at the iMac terminals, and staff members hover nearby in case they have questions or issues. They also teach customers how to use the new online options available from CBA in order to get faster results. On any given day, 50-plus staff are on-hand to help out. I guess this works a lot like airport kiosks, which are self serve, but which always have attendants nearby to help out in case there is an issue.

The teller is in the back of the branch, so that customers feel more comfortable trying out the technology before making their way to the human service organization.

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