Friday, March 04, 2011

Nielsen visualizes the smartphone market

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Nielsen has posed the question "Who is winning the US smartphone battle?" and has answered it in two ways. Then the company put it all into a nice chart to help you understand, which you can see below.

The first answer is Google's Android, if we're looking at smartphone OS market share. The second is Apple's iPhone tied with Research in Motion's BlackBerry, if we're looking at smartphone manufacturer market share.

Let's look more closely at the numbers. Android has 29 percent share (broken down into 12 percent for HTC, 10 percent for Motorola, 5 percent for Samsung, and 2 percent for Other). Both iPhone and Blackberry have 27 percent. Microsoft, HP, and Symbian are not a threat, yet.

(If anyone knows of a higher res source for the image that is not a content farm, please share)

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