Monday, January 24, 2011

Sales enablement is clearly a key function in building great customer experiences - Registration Required

Forrester's Dean Davison and Bradford Holmes recently did a great webinar on sales enablement. There are some great insights that tie really well into how can think about customer experience management and the role sales plays in getting this right. 

Prior to Oregon's Regulation of Gasoline Station Fuel Sales Some Dealers Attempted to Sell Only to Their Regular Customers

Clearly the role of technology vendors is changing as we face margin erosion, increased competition and commoditization forces at the same time as we are challenged to grow the business.  And in IT we have an opposing set of forces that add to this complexity with things like changing business models driving new business demand, cost pressures and more options than ever - all the time serving a business that is likely focused on delivering a best in class customer and employee experience.

  • What makes a vendor strategic?
  • What makes a meeting valuable?
  • How prepared are you?
  • Does your value proposition need a tune-up?
This particular presentation really hits home with me - it not only impacts how I do my job but it also has a clear bearing on how our customers are thinking about these same problems and issues today.  The salesforce of any organization is a critical customer touchpoint.  What are we doing to properly enable them, help them be effective, and ensure that we are doing the right thing for our customers?

Hopefully you find it of value and I welcome any discussion on the subject.

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