Monday, January 03, 2011

Jordan Edmiston Group report on M&A trends from 2010 provides useful insight to marketing tech trends.

Tolman Geffs, a Co-President with The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI), provided the audience at IAB's 2010 MIXX Conference on September 28 in New York City with his insights on the current M&A market and an outlook for 2011 and looking forward.

The report offers several key insights, such as:

  • number of deals has rebounded but attributed deal capital has not

  • unprecedented cash levels on S&P 1500 balance sheets

  • private equity firms have $400B in capital overhang

  • media convergence as marketing moves into tech and tech moves into marketing

The report also dives into the online display ad and other marketing tech datapoints that clearly point towards the opportunity in accumulating and selling data as it discusses the rapidly changing interactive advertising landscape. Publishers are learning to leverage data, analytics, and video to enhance their offerings for advertisers/clients.

Tolman concludes the presentation with five humorous predictions you won't want to miss!

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