Friday, July 16, 2010

Customer experience dialogue

 From a chat on customer experience I had at the Adobe offices with Dawna Maclean.


Update: ClienteerHub abandons idea of dialogue

Clienteerhub, where this video was originally posted, is essentially a boondoggle that was purported on an industry of customer experience professionals through some clearly unprofessional and shady tactics.  We (the community of professionals that I am a part of and support) essentially got excited by the idea of a community and helped by contributing content and articles to the cause of building this community.  The site has since been taken down by the "CEO" <-hah! and has been re-assembled with some dodgy YouTube videos and no content or contact information.

While I appreciate the willingness and urgency to remove and dis-attach our names from this initiative, I strongly caution anyone who would consider a relationship with people behind this initiative.  I have never had to write anything like this in my life before - I hope that this is the last time that I do.

At this point, my understanding is that some of the ethical folks that were roped into this are working to refactor some of the valuable content and conversations into a more usable form.  I hope to be able to share this again soon.  I profusely apologize if my promotion or participation in this has caused any issues whatsoever.  I should have checked into things more fully before participating.

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Joe said...


I love the interview, it is a great example of a leading company learning from their own experience, I noted one thing that really stood out to me. Adobe is a world leading development company that has focused on the business of doing business. All aspects of the product development have been focused on things that you and I have had numerous discussions over, that being managing the business process, adapting the tools to reflect the way people really work and providing access to all of the appropriate information required at the correct time to enable someone to make the appropriate decision.

Integrated systems, open standards etc, all of this lead Adobe to what I assume would be the next logical step. That would be the customer experience. I think that because of the long standing work done by Adobe focusing around the process it has put your company at the forefront of the customer experience movement while other companies that are users of the technologies are a step or two behind.

A unique position to be in. Glad to see it coming about, and looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Just a thought, as organisations we can identify what we know, what works and, to perhaps a lesser extent, what doesn't work. The hardest thing I ever had to define in my past was quantifying what "we" as an organisation didn't know.