Monday, April 26, 2010


Who spends more time on Facebook than they do with their family?

Who has played more than 5,000 hours of games and sent more than 250,000 emails?



Wei Liu is a designer, studying interaction design in Amsterdam, and is looking for people to share experiences and ideas that relevant to his research. If you would like to share your thoughts with Wei, please input/discuss your thoughts on  where there is already some interesting things posted. He is especially looking for your input for the following questions:

a) What are the characteristics/classifications of 'Generation Y'?
b) What are the relevant trends/opportunities in interaction design?
c) How to map these characteristics into the development of 'Generation Y' interface?

That's Y.

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leadership said...

Interesting video. On this topicof Gen y you might be interested to see this video post “Jack in the box” by Vineet Nayar where he asks if the organisations are ready for Gen Y?


Joseph said...

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