Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 Things That Are Not Killing Us

With recent news around all of the unavoidable and avoidable activities that are killing us, I thought it prudent to ponder a list of the Top 10 Things that are not killing us. Here they go, in no particular order, with absolutely no scientific backup (also a trend on a lot of health-related posts).

1) Being happy.
Several prominent authors who seem quite happy share their beliefs that being happy is actually very good for us. Choose the physiological or spiritual POV on this activity. Just smiling may be good enough.

2) Meditation or prayer. Being in touch with your spiritual self is critical to basic skills like self-awareness, confidence, empowerment and a healthy attitude (especially this last part). As long as you are not dropping on your knees in a war zone or meditating when you should be medicating this should be a sustainable priority.

3) Helping others. 
It's the little things that count. Do something for someone today, no matter how small.

4) Contributing to charity.
 No studies whatsoever indicate any harmful side effects of sponsoring charities or charitable events.

5) Eating healthy. 
Choose green, choose local, choose balanced.

6) Standing up. 
I would have said sitting up straight but apparently that still kills you.  It follows that if sitting is shortening our lives, then standing up within tolerable levels should not be any risk.

7) Great sex. 
Actually, any sex perhaps. Assuming you are of an appropriate age, have no pre-conditions that will harm you from exertion, and like this kind of thing you should proceed at will, as available and where consent allows (of course).

8) Updating your status. 
As long as you are not provoking war, political dissent or exposing your infidelity, social media has actually been proven by someone, somewhere, to be good for you.

9) Paying your taxes. 
I know from experience that not paying them on time can cause stress. Since death and taxes are both absolutes, you should choose this one annually in favor of the other.  If you need the money to cure a life-threatening disease, leverage your own ability to prioritize.

10) Celebrating success. 
While certain forms of celebration, or activities undertaken during celebration, may have adverse health risks, the simple act of acknowledging exceptional behavior or important milestones is an important part of creating positive memories about your life. You can only partake in this activity directly while you are living, so you should think up a reason now.

Unofficial #11 - Creating a top ten list that fits somewhere in the stack of useless internet journalism that is amusing for short periods of time.

Disclaimer: I have no definitive proof of anything nor do I actually believe anything I have ever read in a Top 10 list.

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