Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TV of Tomorrow

Halfway through the first day of TV of Tomorrow in San Francisco and the 'conversation' is very vibrant, varied and thought provoking. Tracy Swedlow and the ITVT team have done a great job of pulling together more than 100 thought leaders in the interactive, television, media and advertising space to talk about where the industry is going.

Some great discussions this morning on the Future of Broadband Advertising, a panel I was part of along with folks from Fox, IPG, Volo Media and Klickable hosted by Bill Neiemeyer. The panel after that focused on the convergence of addressable and interactive television (I think its safe to use convergence in that context) and was eye-opening in terms of the maturity of the space and the similar issues faced by the various players, including Canada's etc.tv, Backchannelmedia, Navic, Time Warner, Invidi, Visible World and Think Analytics.

I will post more thoughts about where the TV of Tomorrow is heading after I get through the keynote by thePlatform CEO, Ian Blaine - so far it seems to be all about lengthening and strengthening the leash, and the obvious inability to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Which tube, you ask?

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