Monday, September 22, 2008

Bring on the trumpets

Every day there is something new to look at, something new to try, and somewhere new to post stuff. In the past two weeks I have signed up for at least 15 new social networking services, covering everything from blog formats, posting sites, linksharing sites, twitter clients, twitter add-ons, twitter look-a-likes and more.

One thing that sticks out for me is how hard it is to make noise about new services, and how hard it is to get people to notice something. Even if they do, what are the chances they will stick around.

I'm sure every one of these start-ups has at least one board member or marketing guy (wait, that's me) like the guy in the video below who wants more noise, more attention and more fanfare when things launch, but I wonder when it all becomes such a symphony of cacophony that we recognize it as a tune. And the tune goes like this - hey, people, do whatever. It's all good. Maybe not yet.

Bring on the trumpets.


Sparky Firepants said...

Brilliant commercial.

I think things will even out over time. Those who really need to bring on the trumpets will keep finding new ways to do it, and people who bring out the trumpets for everything will start losing their breath.

Bring on the sax!


Ben Watson said...

Good idea!

peter said...

A jelly sweet in the shape of a yellow snake is seen in close-up on a table, reflecting how cool it is that he contains only natural colours and flavours. Another sweet in the shape of a bear yells 'bring on the trumpets', to the confusion of the snake, and a brief exchange follows, but the bear can only repeat the 'trumpets' line.


Neil Williams said...

But hundreds and hundreds of instruments are being drowned out. Some of them probably good, we'll never know! Or do we trust that the good stuff will always float to the top? (switching metaphors here, sorry)

And how do developers reach the early adopters who will help their product/tool float?

Where do YOU find out about things early?