Friday, November 17, 2006

Was I right?

I just found a set of predictions I had made back in 2003 regarding the use of web services. Now you have to realize that I was at Microsoft back then, fully baked on the koolaid, but I think I actually came pretty close - although most of the projects I have had insight to seem to be still figuring this out. At least they are talking about it!

See the original here

And now the silliness...

# Web services will continue to gain traction in enterprise integration projects as earlier planned projects move into the execution and completion phase. In the small and medium space the emergence of pay-per-use business models will begin to gain traction as larger architectures allow integration with 3rd party services. The Basic Profile and core standards will continue to erode ebXML market usage as developers move to true open standards. Third party enhancements, both hardware and software, will further enhance production cycles. Mainframe and legacy will continue to decline as larger SI and MIS organizations move to services oriented platforms for both outsourcing and insourcing projects. In the early adopter space, Web services development and management will begin to commoditize as predictable ROI models emerge.

# Businesses will use mobile devices powered by Web services to access intelligent information. It is vital that users can access the information they need and not receive cluttered results. The average mobile device is not powerful enough and does not have enough storage to generate intelligent results on its own. However, access to intelligent information will be achieved through mobile devices using XML and Web services.

# Enhancements to Web services including standardization around WS-Secure Conversation, WS-Federation and WS-Authorization will drive the proliferation of Web services in business to business scenarios. Businesses will be able to execute Web services with full confidence around the authorization, authentication and integrity of these Web services.

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