Thursday, October 26, 2006

New digs

(repost due to blogger error)

A whirwind year and a ton of water under the bridge, and not just in the creek that runs through our new property.

I wanted to let readers know that I was leaving Adobe, and I was going to be moving my blog as part of that move - probably not the wisest move to have a corporate blog in today's world.

Anyway, I am pretty pumped to be back in the internal design and development saddle after spending 7 years helping to build and launch great platforms for other companies, like Edge, Key Media, Microsoft and Adobe.

In this next leg of the journey, I am pulling together an awesomely talented x-functional team to build a best of breed software marketing, distribution, registration and purchasing center. I will tell you more about this later...

For now, I am sad to leave Adobe. I made a lot of great friends there and together we did some really amazing work. I think the Flex product lineup is super-solid and I definitely plan on using it for the journey I am on now.

Enjoy Max!

I really wanted to publicly thank a few people:

- Duane Nickull for his relentless pursuit of architectural excellence and hard work on LiveCycle
- Ben Forta for all his hard work on Max and the brilliant RIAForge
- Mike Potter for all the amazing PHP stuff and the AEDP program
- Ted Patrick for, FXT and some stuff he is still working on
- Marcel Boucher and Greg Wilson for the toolbox
- Hong Qiu for getting the developer centers in order
- James Ward for all the hard work on the JSR, Oracle, awesome demos and more!

Keep at it guys!!

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Sterling said...

Thanks, Ben for the iRiver. My son is really looking forward to it. I wasn't able to hook up with Ted Patrick or Mike Potter until after Ted had left, but I do want to thank you for making my 10 year old so excited.

I'd love to get your personal email and or phone if you get a sec. I'm at, or 770-414-5007 x 101.

- Sterling Ledet